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Transcription of the demonstration video

Transcription of the demonstration video which shows actual measurements of a negative ion product by using the EB-17.

1. I now measure negative ions generated by radioactive substances. It is easy!
2. Turn on the ion counter.
3. Measurement starts immediately.
4. I am measuring ions without a sample. It takes approx. 10 seconds to complete measurement.
5. Measurement has been completed. 150 (pcs/cc) negative ions have been detected.
6. I measure negative ions generated by a sheet made with a radium ore.
7. Place the sheet under the detector so that they make direct contact.
8. Push the "RESET" button and then measurement starts immediately.
9. The more negative ions are detected, the more brightly the LED shines.
10. Measurement has been completed. 12573 (pcs/cc) negative ions have been detected.
11. Remove the sheet and measure without a sample.
12. Push the "RESET" button.
13. Wait 10 seconds.
14. Measurement has been completed. 180 (pcs/cc) negative ions have been detected. The ion count decreased sharply as the sheet was removed.
15. I measure ions generated by a radium ore.
16. Place the ore under the detector and push the "RESET" button.
17. Wait 10 seconds.
18. Measurement has been completed. 39300 (pcs/cc) negative ions have been detected. "H" appears on the LCD as a digit separator when 20000 (pcs/cc) or more negative ions are detected.
>> Demonstration video available

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