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No.1428 Ms. H.O, Nagano, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2012-04-06

"I placed it on my futon. I was so impressed because my hands and feet felt so warm!"

I am happy because: A friend of mine bought an expensive tourmaline futon. She asked me if she should buy a Mouton (sheepskin) one. I found your products when I was searching for negative ion products on the internet. Firstly, I purchased 2x 2m tourmaline sheet and 1x necklace. I cut one of the sheets so that it would fit my height and placed it under my bedsheet. I placed the remaining sheet under the pillow cover. On the 1st night, I felt warm soon after I went to bed as the blood circulation was activated. On the 2nd night, I went to bed without wearing socks. (I always wear socks except when taking a bath or swimming.) I was so impressed when I woke up in the morning because the bare hands and feet felt warmer than other parts of the body.

I used another sheet for:

1. attached to the shoulder part of my pajama for neck stiffness
2. attached a hook and loop fastener and wrapped with silk (Mother's Kimono!) to wear over underwear in order to improve blood circulation
3. long "improvised" socks which cover up to calves

I gave 2. and 3. to my sister. She is happy because she wakes up less often to go to the bathroom.

I am so impressed with the tourmaline effect. I know a lot of negative ions are found in a forest or around a waterfall. I use tourmaline stones to make tourmaline water and use it for cooking. I hope it will help to improve high blood pressure.

A 50m roll tourmaline sheet is a great offer but it is too long. I was lucky to find this tourmaline sheet. If it were more affordable, I would recommend it to my friends who are interested in improving blood circulation around the back and feet. I am looking forward to another tourmaline effect after the summer season sets in. Sorry for my poor writing.

I am not happy because: I wore tourmaline e-rings under trekking shoes when I travelled. The feet swelled and became red as the rings were pressed by the shoes. It was not comfortable to wear the necklace in the beginning because it was heavy like shouldering lead. It is OK now.

[From Ion Trading] Thank you for your feedback.
No.362 Mr. O.N, Oita, Japan
Verified user
4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed before 2009

"The mild water is gentle to the skin. I can relax and enjoy sweating. Neck stiffness is alleviated!"

I love bathing with the polished tourmaline stones. The mild water is gentle to the skin. I can relax and enjoy sweating. The water left over in the bathtub after bathing is good for reuse for laundry or cleaning the veranda as it does not smell. I can save water! I have severe shoulder stiffness. The stiffness subsides when I wear the e-Ring but it comes back in a few days after I take it off. What a miracle! This thin ring improves blood circulation. I have been so happy with these products.
No.361 Ms. M.K, Miyazaki, Japan
Verified user
3 out of 5 stars
Reviewed before 2009

"I wore around the sprained part and the pain was immediately alleviated! I use it as a bed sheet because back pain is reduced."

I knew tourmaline makes the body feel warm as I had another tourmaline sheet. I found your website while searching for a new tourmaline sheet. I wear it around the neck and the waist (like a necklace and a belt) for shoulder stiffness and back pain all day long. I don't feel warm but the pain is greatly reduced, which is good for me because I cannot take a painkiller due to weak digestion. I cut the sheet into an eye mask and wear it while sleeping for strained eyes. The tourmaline sheet is also wrapped around sprained ankle all day long. The painful part is warmed and the pain is alleviated. Another usage is placing on the bed sheet for my back pain. I feel less pain when I wake up. I have also purchased the polished tourmaline stones. I have been so busy, so I have not had a chance to say in the bathtub long enough to find a positive effect so far.
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