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Transcription of the demonstration video

Transcription of the demonstration video which shows actual measurements of a negative ion product by using the NT-C101A.

1. We measure over 2,000,000 (pcs/cc) of negative ions generated by a mobile ion generator.
2. Let's start to measure the ions!
3. The negative ion count in this room is around 0-100 (pcs/cc).
4. Place the generator close to the air suction opening.
5. The negative ion count quickly increases and reaches over 3,000,000 (pcs/cc)!
6. The ion count starts to decrease slowly * as the generator goes further away from the counter.

* due to ion residues
7. Again
8. We make the measurement interval longer as the ion count fluctuates fast.
9. Push "INT" to switch from "FAST" to "LOW".
10. The ion count starts to fluctuate fast again.
11. Push "INT" again to switch back to "FAST".
12. The ion count starts to fluctuate fast again.
13. This counter is great for product evaluation/promotion as it is easy to operate. You will be able to convince your customers the product does generate negative ions.
>> Demonstration video available

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