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Effective knee care (EX Cream)

1. It is effective to apply to:
(1)Front side of the knees
(2)Backside of the knees
(3)Around the kneecaps
(4)Top of the feet
We recommend applying a lot at the beginning of use. It is important to apply to the backside of the knees.(2)
2. How to effectively release wastes
(2)Back side of the knees
(5)Achilles tendons along the downward direction
We suggest you should imagine that you are making a pathway to smoothly release algesic substances, lactic acid and wastes while applying the cream to the achilles tendons (5) and then do massage along the downward direction. (2)
Ref: Comment by Dr. Chihiro Honbe - Hatsuratsu Genki Nov 2003 Issue
Muscles and joints become stiffened as you get old. Knee pain is caused by poor lymphatic/blood circulation. Doing massage with the Biseki EX Cream helps to ease the stiffened muscles and to improve the circulation. It also helps to release lactic acid and wastes, so you can expect the pain will improve.
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Effective knee care (EX Cream)
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Biseki Info
Biseki Cosmetic Products
Users Testimonials (631) NEW
      - EX Cream
      - EX Wash
      - Lotion
      - Face Lift Up Puff
      - Oil-free Cleansing Gel
Effective knee care (EX Cream)
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Featured in media
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