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Tourmaline Biseki EX Cream (80g)

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No.691 Mr. F.M, Tokyo, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"A terrible pain struck my shoulder but I can now move the joint smoothly!"

Thank you for this great Tourmaline EX cream. I have been playing baseball since I was a student. I now belong to a local baseball team. I often had to pitch without doing a warm-up as I got busier with work due to more responsibilities. A few years ago, my shoulder was damaged while pitching. A terrible pain struck the shoulder and I could not move it at all. A few days later, the pain still remained and I could neither lift the arm nor hold my hands behind my back. I was afraid I would no longer be able to pitch a ball. I was so depressed because you have to pitch and hit a ball when you play baseball. I was skeptical when I was advised that the shoulder would recover by applying the Biseki EX Cream. After applying it to the painful shoulder and massaging the area, the pain went away and I was finally able to move the shoulder joint smoothly! I will be back to the pitcher's mound again! Thank you for this wonderful cream.
No.690 Ms. M.T, Saitama, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"Relief from pain caused by rheumatism!"

I was suffering from acute pain with no hope of recovery. A terrible pain struck me when I was so sad just after I lost my son. Every joint was so painful that I could not do anything. I had a medical examination at hospital but the doctor could not find out what the cause was. The pain was getting worse and worse day after day. I was mentally so depressed. I did not want to see friends. I was even reluctant to talk with my family or do household chores. A university hospital in Tokyo finally found out the cause of the pain after I went to several hospitals. It was rheumatism. The prescribed medicine helped to alleviate the pain but I was still mentally down. The Biseki EX Cream helped me to solve these problems. It not only alleviated the pain but also cheered me up. My family helped me to apply the cream to the painful areas. I am so grateful to them. I got better and better physically and mentally day after day. I have started a part time job. I enjoy working a few hours in the morning. My family and friends say "You have got well." or "Smile is back." The medicine may have worked but I believe the Biseki EX Cream has done this great job.
No.688 Ms. N.K, Gunma, Japan
Verified user
5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on 2009-12-08

"It makes the skin smooth. I have successfully trimmed down the waist line and around the hip!"

The skin is smooth. I am happy with the face-lifting effect and the trimmed waistline. I love the Biseki Tourmaline cosmetic products which include fine tourmaline powder as they perfectly suit my skin or it is possible that the skin love them. I use the Biseki EX Wash to wash the whole body. I feel as if a layer were peeled off from the body surface. The Biseki EX cream helps to make the skin smooth and trim down the waist line and around the hip. The Biseki Sonic Gel has a face-lifting effect. The Biseki PGS Lotion makes myself and the skin feel refreshed. You just spray it. These Biseki Tourmaline cosmetic products seem to have been designed especially for my skin. Thank you!
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