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Classification of Negative Ions

Negative ions are classified by size and chemical composition

Some molecules in the air combine to form a negative ion molecule. Generally, negative ions are floating in the air in a group. Depending on the size of the group, they are classified into small, medium and large ion groups. It has been said that small groups have better effects on the human body.

Small ions, which are lighter and travel faster in the air, are more efficiently absorbed by the human body and produce more negative ion effects than large ions.

It is said that the amount of electrons, which work on the boy, determine the negative ion effects.

[Chemical Composition]
Negative ions have not been fully analyzed chemically yet. The following are well-known examples.
Oxide molecule ion → O2- + (H2O)n
Carbon dioxide ion → CO3- + (H2O)n
Nitric acid ion → NO3- + (H2O)n
Some reports say the Nitric acid molecule ion is more often found than other type of negative ions.

It is believed NH4+ type positive ions are the mainstream of positive ions.
(Reference: Luts,1995 and others)
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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