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Substances produced when negative ions are generated

Other substances than negative ions

Some products produce other substances together with negative ions.

For example, a negative ion generator, which employs the discharging method, can produce ozone as the discharging voltage rises. While ozone is used for sterilization purposes, it can be harmful when the concentration exceeds a certain level because this gas oxidizes other substances intensely.

Ozone also produces a unique odor when it reacts with other gases in the air. You may detect the odor even when a very small amount is present.

As we mention in the material which generates negative ions, products which use radioactive ores release radiation together with negative ions.

We believe that most products meet the safety standards for ozone and radiation. However, you have to be careful because every product is not strictly checked by the authorities.
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Does your negative ion generator #xxx release ozone/radiation? If it does, what is the amount?
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