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Made in Brazil
Polished Tourmaline Stones (1kg)
P/N: TRF-1

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4.1 out of 5 stars
Optically polished high quality Brazilian tourmaline stones. Sizes range from around 2-30mm(0.8-1.1 inches). Put into water to enjoy tasty drinking water or comfortable bathing! 1kg available.
I can have a peaceful sleep even I had few hours computer online work
I have just started to use this product. Red spots caused by psoriasis
I enjoy tasty tourmaline water!
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Price: US$63.25
Made in Brazil
Gardening Tourmaline 1kg
P/N: TRG-1

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4.3 out of 5 stars
The gardening tourmaline is used by professional gardeners. Tourmaline stones are broken into grains which have diameters of 2mm or less. Good for stimulating growth of plants, flowers and agricultural products.
I used this product to tune up my car. It seems the car has more torqu
I used it to improve the fuel efficiency of my car!
It works better when mixed with alum and/or rock salt.
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10kg for commercial use - Great deal!
10kg for commercial use - Great deal!
Price: US$449.53
Natural cypress bathing package
P/N: TCY-1

Price: US$197.01 & FREE Shipping

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4 out of 5 stars
Tourmaline/heal/germanium stones are abundantly contained in the box made of natural Japanese cypress wood. The synergy effects of the stones let you relax in the bathtub. The mild water makes your skin smooth. Good for neck stiffness and atopic dermatitis.
He is happy as the body is kept warm for a while after bathing.
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