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Tourmalines' Beneficial Effects on Health

Lower medical expenses of tourmaline miners

Medical expenses of tourmaline miners were significantly lower than those of other miners in Brazil, so they started to assume that tourmaline might be good for health.

[Reference] Splendid tourmaline healthy life by Tatsuzo Nagai

Tourmaline effects

Many tourmaline products have been introduced and various effects have been reported.

*These extracts include effects which are not related to health.

1. Extracts from "Splendid tourmaline healthy life" by Tatsuzo Nagai
  • Surgical scars quickly disappeared.
  • I recovered quickly after surgery.
  • I recovered from the aftereffects of an accident.
  • Bruises quickly disappeared quickly.
  • Pain and numbness in hands/feet/back have gone.
  • I no longer get cramp in my leg muscle.
  • I am less likely to catch a cold.
  • Tourmaline gives me more energy.
  • I am more energetic.
  • I no longer become anemic.
  • My body is kept warm after bathing.
  • Symptoms of autonomic dystonia have been alleviated.
  • Stress is alleviated and the mind is stable.
  • Symptoms of Meniere's syndrome have gone.
  • I have less menstrual pain.
  • Migraine headache has gone.
  • Blood pressures returned to normal levels.
  • I no longer have itchy eyes caused by pollen.
  • I no longer have hemorrhoids.
  • Athlete's foot has cleared up.
  • Insect bites were cured.

2. Reported by our customers (Extracts from testimonials)
Sleep well
  1. It seems he has a good sleep because he no longer says " I cannot sleep well".
  2. I placed it under the bedsheet. I can sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.
  3. Everyday I enjoy a good sleep. My mother-in-law is happy as it alleviates her back pain!
  4. I find I had a deep sleep when I wake up!
  5. They had deep sleep and felt refreshed in the morning!
Less tired/Reduce fatigue
  1. Even after a hard work day, I recover from the exhaustion when I wake up in the morning. I am impressed with the performance!
  2. It solves her fatigue complaints, and she sleep very well.
  3. Everyday I enjoy a good sleep. My mother-in-law is happy as it alleviates her back pain!
  4. I wake up refreshed in the morning and my body is more flexible even after sleeping shorter hours!
  5. I have wrapped it around my pillow. I feel refreshed when I wake up as it helps to relieve fatigue.
Blood circulation
  1. I have poor blood circulation in the feet. I start sweating in 10 minutes after soaking the body in tourmaline hot water!
  2. I am so impressed as blood circulation of my feet and around the waist improves. It gently warms up the body!
  3. I can have a deep sleep because blood circulation is greatly improved and my feet no longer swell!
  4. My mother has been suffering from ASH (Ankylosing Spinal Hyperostosis). The pain was alleviated and blood circulation was improved!
  5. Chronic hand/neck/back pain has gone away. Poor blood circulation is significantly improved!
Shoulder/neck stiffness
  1. I was impressed when I found the stiffness in the shoulder was reduced in the morning!
  2. Glad I bought it though was sceptical at first. Worth the investment for better night sleep!
  3. I am impressed with the effect. It works on spinal cord pain and neck stiffness!
  4. The neck stiffness started again when I ran out of the cream. This convinced me of the effects!
  5. It makes my body warm and helps to alleviate neck stiffness!
Dry skin
  1. My dry skin no longer gets itchy!
  2. I regularly using the soap on daily basis and it moisturize the skin!
  3. I was skeptical before I started to use it but my dry skin feels less tense!
  4. Dry skin is moisturized. Dullness of the skin has faded. I cannot do without it!
  5. I am really impressed with how much foam rubbing the soap in the net makes! My skin feels so much better!
Wrinkles/liver spots
  1. Liver spots have disappeared. The skin is in a better condition than when I was in 20's!
  2. Dark spots and wrinkles on her face have faded.
  3. This cream has rejuvenated my skin. Wrinkles around the eyes have faded and the slackened skin has been firmed!
  4. It has firmed up the skin under my eyes and wrinkles have faded!
  5. Liver spots have faded. My skin is more elastic than before. What a great job!
Effects on the drinking water
  1. Tourmaline stones make tap water tasty. I love tourmaline bathing because the whole body is heated by hot tourmaline water! What a miracle product!
  2. My mother says tourmaline water is tasty and different from normal water! It is very hard to please her when it comes to drinking water.
  3. Drinking water does not taste like chlorine. Tourmaline water in the bathtub is mild!
  4. I found the water was very tasty and mild the next day!
  5. The tourmaline stones make tap water incredibly tasty!
Knee pain
  1. I can go up stairs. Knee pain I had had for 10 years has completely gone away!
  2. My knee pain has disappeared.
  3. Knee pain has almost gone. I can run with short steps. A drowning woman clutching at a straw! I desired to run again.
  4. So far I do not use pain medicine for my knee pain!
  5. Knee pain has eased and red spots on the skin have faded.

Why does tourmaline have beneficial effects?

Some statements about why tourmaline has beneficial effects can be found on websites and books but they are based on assumptions and guessing. We believe that no proven theory currently exists.

It is believed that tourmalines' beneficial effects on health are due to:
  • Negative ion generation
  • Surface electric charge generation
  • Thermal effects
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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