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Tourmaline & Negative ion

Negative ion generation under certain conditions

Tourmaline does not generate negative ions unless activated.

You can activate by applying pressure to it.
Pressure is being applied to the tourmaline sheet with the hands in order to observe the generation of negative ions in the right photo.

2000-3000 (pcs/cc) negative ions are generated by applying such pressure.

* Negative ion counts are usually ranging from 100-200 (pcs/cc) in an environment where no negative ion generator is installed.

Logical explanation on how tourmaline generates negative ions

As mentioned above, tourmaline generates a significant amount of negative ions when pressure is applied to it. However, it has not been made clear yet how it generates the ions.

It is believed that it is due to the piezoelectric effect but it is an assumption without proof. No formula/theory has been established yet.

Tourmalines' beneficial effects on health

It is an assumption, but tourmalines' beneficial effects on health are due to the negative ions when used in the air and soluble metal ions when mixed with water.

Positive ion generation

Generally, tourmaline generates the same amount of positive and negative ions when pressure is applied to it.

While most of tourmaline products found in the market generate negative/positive ions simultaneously, you can enjoy negative ion effects with those products as found on Tourmalines' beneficial effects on health.

Negative ions are not all cancelled out by the same amount of positive ions. You can observe that both ions exist separately with the ion counter.

It is often said that negative ions do not work because positive ions are also generated. However, as stated above, they are not always cancelled out. Positive and negative ions can exist separately depending on the distance between them.
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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