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Electronic Stone Tourmaline

Why is tourmaline known as Electronic Stone?

Polished Tourmaline Tourmaline is known as Electronic Stone because it is electronically charged under the following two conditions.

When is tourmaline electronically charged?

Tourmaline is electronically charged when pressure is applied to it or when temperatures change.

Piezoelectric effect
Tourmaline is electronically charged when pressure is applied to it. Pierre Curie and his older brother Jacques discovered this phenomenon in 1880, and later the theory/formulas were established. It seems that the phenomenon itself was discovered before 1880.

Pyroelectric effect
Tourmaline is electronically charged when temperatures change. This phenomenon was already known in the 18th century. The formulas were established by Riecke in 1885.

These effects are due to Tourmaline's distorted crystallographic structure.

Tourmaline is not charged unless external force is applied or temperatures change.

As stated above, tourmaline is electronically charged when external force is applied to it or temperatures change. Tourmaline is electronically activated if you clamp it in a vise or with pliers.

Tourmaline generates a very small amount of electricity when not in motion because external force such as atmospheric pressures and air friction are applied to its surface. However, the electricity is electronically cancelled out by tiny particles floating in the air such as ions/aerosols. This is why almost no electricity can be detected when tourmaline is not in motion.
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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Polished Tourmaline Stones (1kg)
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